Horton Bay General Store



Horton Bay General Store Since 1876

If walls could talk!  Present owners Chip and Claudia Lorenger wish this were true, The Horton Bay General Store would be an inexhaustible source of  history and folklore for not only the region, but of the world thanks to Ernest Hemingway.

Today the store continues to evolve. In addition to the B&B upstairs, a tavern in the back of the store with its garden patio has become a coveted treasure of the region. Breakfast and lunch is served 7 days a week. Enjoy a real malted at the soda fountain! The tapas served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is becoming a reservation-only event due to the limited seating. We do not “turn the tables” -- it is yours for the evening.

The atmosphere in Horton Bay of tranquility is foremost. A standing rule while in the store or tavern is “NO POLITICS”, it seems Chip can get out of control when involved.

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Horton Bay General Store Since 1876

Horton Bay General Store Since 1876

Horton Bay General Store Since 1876 Claire Potter Pottery

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