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Horton Bay General Store

Step in, slow down and take in the historical magic of the charming Horton Bay General Store & Inn. Our stewardship began in 2022 with all intentions beginning and ending with people. From the small batch makers whose products fill the shelves, the farmers harvesting the freshest local fare, the awesome general store crew delivering good ole fashioned customer service, the patrons stopping in for the first time or those sharing stories from decades past, the wine guy, the whitefish guy, the best neighbors in the little hamlet of Horton Bay and the list goes on. This is a place for you.

We welcome you to come live slow with us.

Molly & Greg

Opening Day 2024.
Year 148
June 7, 2024

What's in store

live bait ֍ espresso ֍ coffee ֍ tea ֍ beer ֍ spirits ֍ wine ֍ ice cream ֍ pastries ֍ cookies ֍ yogurt ֍ house made granola ֍ sandwiches ֍ small plates ֍ fresh farm fare ֍ beach gear ֍ gourmet foods ֍ cheese & charcuterie ֍ picnic boxes ֍ boat bags ֍ journals ֍ stationery ֍ fountain pens ֍ select Hemingway reads ֍ WEEKENDER supplies ֍ candy ֍ chocolates ֍ flowers ֍ champagne

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