Thanks for stopping by the Horton Bay General Store.

It's 4th of July Week

We are excited to be gearing up for the Famous Horton Bay 4th of July Parade on Monday. 


Stop in this week to check out the new store and say hello.

The Inn at the Horton Bay General Store is open and bookable.  If you're interested in historical architecture and design, come see this charming space before it books up! The entire second floor is available for short term rental on Airbnb.

Every morning our espresso machine is ready to deliver the best coffee in Horton Bay.  Enjoy your coffee and fresh baked goods on the historic front porch or back patio. 

Stop by the store to grab your supplies for the holiday weekend.  The cooler is stocked with some some of your favorite beverages from beers, ciders, sodas to seltzers.  The wine and spirits selection will fit all your weekend event needs.  Our daily made sandwiches, salads and small plate offerings are great on our back patio with a glass of wine or for your day out on the boat or the beach.

The parade starts at 1pm on July 4th.  We will be offering hot dogs, novelty ice cream and beverages in the side Beer Tent.  The store will be open to purchase wares and to show off the renovation.  We are looking forward to the busiest week of the year in Horton Bay.


Stop in, say hi and see what's new.


We're glad you're interested in this charming little spot dating back to 1876. 


Summer Hours

Thursday: 8:30am-5pm

Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 8am-6pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: closed

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Join the fun, follow the renovation journey and get invited to events.

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