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Chapter 3: Community, Live Slow & Tomatoes

Hello! It’s been awhile.

The upcoming summer marks the third season of our stewardship of the Horton Bay General Store and Inn. As we’ve busied ourselves this winter setting plans, three themes have emerged.

Community. From the start, we’ve viewed the general store as the community’s place; a place for everyone. This continues. However, we’ll admit to going into this summer contemplating what shenanigans to instigate and participate in! One event we encourage you to put on your calendar now is the Horton Bay Fourth of July Parade. It’s going to be EPIC this year. See the parade committee’s most recent Facebook post (@hortonbayparade) for the theme and how to get involved! We can’t think of a better way to create memories and have a fun-filled day with friends and family. Also, keep a look out for the happenings we’re lining up including artists, authors, illustrators, musicians, wine tastings, Friday night vinyl and more.

Live Slow. The desired vibe from the start. As we hire staff, host artists, authors, and musicians for events, fill the shelves with goods, we aim to create a live slow vibe. To slow things down, simplify, spark imagination, create that feeling of nostalgia, inspire creativity and encourage more time connecting and enjoying nature.

Tomatoes. It’s a bit absurd how much one of us is looking forward to @bearcreekorganicfarm and our weekly tomato haul. This summer in the store, expect to find farm fresh produce, herbs and supporting recipes. Summer 2024 just might be a tomato girl summer! We hope you’re able to come live slow with us.

Molly McCoy & Greg Cummings


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