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Welcome to your happy place

One high point last summer was when a local business owner called the general store her "happy place". It wasn't just any local business owner, but the one whose business is at the top of my crush list. 

I think about this and other customer feedback regularly as we plan for this summer. The upcoming weeks will be spent sourcing high quality snacks and picnic provisions that are addictively good. (I won't lie, the research for this part can hardly be considered work.) We strive to have a balance of treats for kids that won't break the bank. While simultaneously filling their memory banks with delight and building future nostalgic yearnings. We're placing orders for books, original artwork, witty cards, beach bags, tee shirts, one-of-a-kind curiosities and setting schedules for art shows, live music, book signings and wine tastings.

We're excited for you to see and experience what's new in the store this summer. All with the hopes of being your happy place, or at least one of them. 

Live slow,

Molly McCoy & Greg Cummings

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