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What's in store

Jack Davidson's grandparents Horton Bay General Store
Jack Davidson's grandparents Horton Bay General Store

From bait to bubbles!

We’ve been inspired by this image, shared by Jack Davidson of his grandparents, and many stories people have shared about the Horton Bay General Store. Back in the day, general stores not only existed for commerce, but as community gathering places. We aim to create a welcoming space for locals, seasonal residents, weekenders, and passersby where things can slow down and memories can be made.

So, what’s in store this summer? Literally, from bait to bubbles.

live bait ֍ espresso ֍ coffee ֍ tea ֍ beer ֍ spirits ֍ wine ֍ ice cream ֍ pastries ֍ cookies ֍ yogurt ֍ house made granola ֍ sandwiches ֍ small plates ֍ fresh farm fare ֍ beach gear ֍ gourmet foods ֍ cheese & charcuterie ֍ picnic boxes ֍ boat bags ֍ journals ֍ stationary ֍ fountain pens ֍ select Hemingway reads ֍ WEEKENDER supplies ֍ candy ֍ chocolates ֍ flowers ֍ champagne


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