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A big hearty THANK YOU

It felt like a dream.

Where do we even begin? A simple "THANK YOU" doesn't seem enough. Upon returning to real life in Denver, we find ourselves trying to find the words or the one story that exemplifies how special the first summer running the Horton Bay General Store was for us. What we experienced, day in and day out was a(n) generous, supportive, welcoming, fun, engaging and special community. Literally, every day, there were connection points made or stories shared that were extraordinary. A few shout-outs to some folks making Horton Bay the whimsical, special hamlet it is. Mary Lynne for all the shenanigans and being the best business neighbor. Rich for sprucing up the Red Fox Inn, the beyond human whistling and being a wonderful son to your mom. Kim for being there with a generator when the power outage struck on day 5 and being a thoughtful neighbor all summer. GT for keeping all the traditions going and getting people to show up. Your words whether published in books, on social media or spoken on podcasts make up so much of the spirit of Horton Bay. Chrissy, Chris and the entire Ross family for being up north as much as you could this summer. You're a great crew. Dan, for showing up on the 4th of July as the grill master! You saved our butts. Pat and Rog for the flower bouquets, warmth, easy going nature and friendship. Sue for including us in the Hemingway Sculpture Project ceremony. Ben for also being there with a generator and bringing art, creativity and a rotating, inspirational community to Horton Bay. The full list of people to thank reaches far past the neighbors we can see from the general store's front porch. So many have made our first summer feel like a dream. We committed to ourselves to hold off on planning for the summer of 2023 until October. So, here we are in October with the first chapter written. We are ready to create a page turner for next summer! Plan on hearing from us a few times between now and then. If you're interested in more frequent updates, follow along on Facebook or Instagram. With many thanks, Molly, Greg & family


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