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Meet the new owners

Molly McCoy and Greg Cummings


I'm Molly McCoy and this is my husband, Greg Cummings. We are thrilled to be the new owners of the Horton Bay General Store. We thought an introduction was in order for our first email communication out to this community. I'll keep it simple as we are most excited about meeting YOU! Fun facts:

  • We both grew up in Michigan. Greg, Detroit area where he graduated from De La Salle Collegiate High School and University of Detroit Mercy. Molly, where she thought was "up north", graduated from Big Rapids High School and Michigan State University.

  • In the late 1900's we headed west to Colorado.

  • We have three kids, Macy (21), Graham (17), and Camille (16) and Toby, the dog. We genuinely like them all. Although, Toby can sometimes be an ass.

  • 2020 brought us back to Michigan part-time. More about the journey back to the homeland later.

  • All five of us are excited to be shopkeepers this summer.

  • We are likely the tallest owners of the general store to date.

  • Investing in historical properties is a passion of ours. The magic of this charming little place is real!

More to come about what's in store at the Horton Bay General Store this summer.

For more regular updates, follow along on social media.


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